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Dumb app idea: an alarm app that syncs with your work Outlook calendar and sets your alarm an hour and a half before your first meeting the next day. I’d call it EightThirty.


Platform Capitalism book

Platform Capitalism by Nick Srnicek

Set in context, the lean platform economy ultimately appears as an outlet for surplus capital in an era of ultra-low interest rates and dire investment opportunities rather than the vanguard destined to revive capitalism.


This tidbit from the Elm guide makes me happy, and reminds of me of Felienne work on the effectiveness of reading code out load when learning to code.

Guide snipped with phrases for reading the code out loud


I just asked for a font for Christmas.


I just submitted my last exam for my last class in OMSCS. I’m done.


Sometimes I think numpy ruined a perfectly good language.

intersection = ((pixels_0 < 255) & (pixels_1 < 255)).sum()


If you struggle to concentrate in a meeting about your company’s acquisition because the coffee shop is playing a deep cut by your favorite band, then being a CEO may not be for you.

And you = me.


CSCW 2019 was “Champion Sponsored” by Facebook, and their closing keynote was from an EFF rep. 🤔


I’m reading an article comparing ant colonies to the human brain for class. The article is fine; the comment section is GOLD. Pure, too-bad-about-the-Internet gold. I want ReplyAll to find these two guys and interview them.

Dumb argument

This goes for PAGES. ReplyAll mid-episode plot twist: they’re the same dude.


Not sure if it’s more unhealthy to write little quips with the possibility that no one ever reads them or to write little quips with the hope that millions of people of who didn’t ask for them read them.