Hi, I'm Brady Hurlburt. 👋

I'm interested in the Internet and education -- online social learning and healthy online interactions in general.

me, coding with my dog at a brewery

I'm a senior software engineer and team lead at Genesys in Indianapolis.

I manage an open-source robotics programming environment for middle schoolers called Rovercode.

I just completed Georgia Tech's OMSCS program with a focus in Interactive Intelligence 🎓. Here's something I wrote involving Papert, Scratch, and Glitch. I also have a BSEE and an MA in Teaching 📜.

My favorite bands include Big Thief, The 1975, and Phoebe Bridgers. 🎸

I'd love to chat. 💬 Feel free to direct-message me on Twitter or onnn Keybase. You can also read some of my tweet-like thoughts or longer posts.

Updated December 16, 2019