Brady Hurlburt



Red Line Pub Crawl Tracker

November 7, 2019

Ok, so it wasn’t an original idea. So what? When me, my wife, and a few friends sat down at Garfield Brewing near a stop of Indianapolis’ brand-new Red Line rapid transit system, we were beginning what we called the “Red Line Pub Crawl”. And… so were the folks at the table next to us.

A Red Line busz

An IndyGo Red Line Bus. CC BY-SA 4.0 Momoneymoproblem

Inevitably, we had friends that couldn’t come for the entire crawl but wanted to meet us later along the way. So they wouldn’t have to call us, I made a little app so that we could post our location with a timestamp.

As you can see, we deviated from our plan almost immediately 😀.

First take-away: using the browser API to get my current GPS location is not as scary as I thought! Now I know why every stinkin’ site asks for it.

I didn’t have time to learn how to use MapBox, so I made each entry link to a Google Map centered on the location. Feel free to remix and extend it!